District Policing


The Fitchburg Police Department utilizes two geographic police districts to provide police services to our community. Each district is divided into two sectors and each sector has at least one officer assigned to it during a shift. All of our police officers are assigned to one of the two districts for at least two years. In the past, police officers rotated through the districts on a daily basis and a small number of neighborhood officers worked closely with residents to cooperatively solve issues affecting their quality of life. By assigning police officers to a district, the task of resolving issues in our community is spread from a small number of officers to a much larger number of officers and increases accountability for addressing issues facing a particular district.

Officers from each shift are assigned to each of the two districts. The multi-year assignment allows officers to become more familiar with the issues a district may be experiencing, develop relationships and familiarity with the residents and businesses of their district, and then work cooperatively with them to resolve issues. In addition, officers also act as a liaison with neighborhood associations and businesses and meet with them as necessary.

The Police Department is always willing to meet with residents and businesses to discuss issues they are experiencing. Please contact the Police Department if you would like to schedule a meeting with department personnel or to contact the officer(s) serving your district. 

District Map
Police District Map