Voter Registration

How to Register

All municipalities in Wisconsin require voter registration prior to a person being allowed to vote. If you move your residence or change your name, you are required to update your voter registration information. In addition, state law requires that an individual live within their community a minimum of 28 days prior to registration. Registration is open until 4:30 p.m. 20 days prior to each election.  The closed registration period consists of the 19 days preceding the election.  During this time you are only allowed to register in-person in the clerk's office (see information below) or at the polls on Election Day.  


My Vote Eligible Wisconsin Voters who have a current and valid Wisconsin Driver License or Wisconsin State ID Card can now register online! If your name, date of birth, Wisconsin Driver License or State ID number, and address all match the information on file with the Wisconsin DMV, you can complete your registration completely online.  No need to provide any paper forms to the clerk's office.
If your information is current with Wisconsin DMV, you can start a new voter registration, update the name on your voter registration, or update your address for voting purposes. If your information with Wisconsin DMV is not current, you will first need to update your information with the Wisconsin DMV before you register to vote online. You can update your address online with Wisconsin DMV at If you need to update your name with the Wisconsin DMV, you will need to appear in-person at a Wisconsin DMV office. Learn more about updating your name here

By Mail

If the online application process is unable to match your voter information with Wisconsin DMV, or if you do not have a current Wisconsin Driver License or Wisconsin State ID card you will still be able to use MyVote to start your voter registration. You are able to complete your registration form on the MyVote site, then you print, sign, and mail or deliver your form to clerk's office along with a proof of residence document. Detailed instructions on completing this process will be provided during the online submission process. You may also use the Voter Registration Form to fill out, print off and return to the Clerk's office with a copy of your proof of residency. 

Registration during Closed Registration

Once registration closes at 4:30 p.m. 20 days prior to the election, you may only register to vote in the clerk's office until the close of absentee voting at City Hall on the Friday before the election.

In Person

Register in the municipal clerk's office up to 5:00 pm on the Friday prior to the election.

**All voters must provide PROOF OF RESIDENCE when registering to vote by mail or in-person.  

At the Polling Place on Election Day

You may also register to vote at your polling place on Election Day.  All voter registration applications must include proof of residency and photo ID. 

NOTE:  To speed up the registration process at the polling location, we encourage voters to visit the MyVote website prior to coming to the polls.  Complete the voter registration application online, print, and bring the completed  registration applicationalng with acceptable proof of residence to the polls to vote. This will significantly decrease your wait time at the polls on Election Day.