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Volunteer Opportunities
If you want to help out at FACTv there are aways volunteer opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved. Volunteering provides you with valuable training and experience for the future. If you want to gain free experience in video and television production, call us at 608-270-4225.

Produce Your Own Show

FACTv will provide you with all the necessary training and equipment for making your own shows, and once you are trained, you can check out equipment to use (including cameras, tripods, microphones, etc.) and learn how to edit on our non-linear editing stations. If you are interested in having your own show, call us at 608-270-4225.
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The CAP Act

Sen. Tammy Baldwin has introduced the Community Access Preservation Act (S. 1244) to enhance support for community television on cable systems.

The bill would have a significant effect on Wisconsin because it would restore the ability of municipalities to assess a PEG fee on cable subscribers to support local programming.  The bill would also enable municipalities to request video providers to list the names of access channels and their program schedules on the electronic program guide. This would make a huge difference to local channels, enabling viewers to see access channel schedules as they see the schedules of other channels and record programs for later viewing:

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Wisconsin Community Media

Wisconsin Community Media was formed in 1998 as the Wisconsin Association of Public, Educational, and Government Access Channels (WAPC).  WAPC was commonly known as the Wisconsin Association of PEG Channels.


Alliance For Community Media

  • Thriving community media centers in cities and towns nationwide
  • Stable funding and channel capacity for centers that have a demonstrably beneficial impact on their communities
  • Infrastructure that will promote the sharing of “best practices” amongst these centers, and incentives to encourage these centers to achieve their highest potential
  • Freedom from political, ideological, or commercial interference that would inhibit service delivery or use of these centers by any lawfully engaged citizen

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