Tax & Lottery Credit Information

Wisconsin Property Taxes 

You may use  This is a third-party vendor and a convenience fee will be charged.   The fee is 2.75% or $1.00 if you use your checking account. You will be informed of the amount prior to authorizing the charge to your credit card. This service is no longer available after January 28. See FAQ's below for information specific to the City of Fitchburg.

Everything you could ever want to know about Wisconsin Property Taxes  
Prepayments of 2023 Taxes

Pre-payments for 2023 property taxes is not allowed until August 1, 2023, per Wisconsin State Statute 74.13

Lottery Credits

Do you qualify for a lottery credit?  Check out our video:

To qualify for a lottery credit you must own your home and use it as your primary residence as of January 1, 2023. If your home was newly built and completed after January 1, 2023, your tax bill does not qualify for a credit in 2023.

Download Lottery Credit Forms

If you received a lottery credit penalty on your tax bill, please contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at 608-266-0772 or 608-266-9457 for more information. 

First Dollar Credit

Every taxable parcel in the State of Wisconsin qualifies for the First Dollar Credit provided that parcel contains real property improvement.  This includes business, commercial and private property.  Unlike the Lottery and Gaming Credit, the property does NOT need to be the primary residence of the owner.  This credit should be automatically applied to all qualifying properties.  If the property tax bill has an amount shown in the "Ass'd Value Improvements" boxes, then that property should receive the credit. 

Real Estate Taxes (mailing date - December 8, 2023)

City of Fitchburg - Tax Insert Information-2023

As of February 1, 2024, payments should be made payable to Dane County Treasurer and mailed to:

 Dane County Treasurer
 P.O. Box 1299
 Madison, WI 53701-1299

Property tax information is available online at Access Dane. Please contact Dane County Treasurer for all delinquent real estate tax information at 608-266-4151.

Frequently Asked Questions on City Taxes

In Person 
Mail - Checks can be mailed to 5520 Lacy Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711 Do not send cash payments in the mail.
Online- You may use  this is a third-party vendor and a convenience fee will be charged.  You will be informed of the amount prior to authorizing the charge to your credit card. This service is no longer available after January 28.
Drop Box - There is a drop box available in the foyer of City Hall.

What hours are you open?

You may pay your tax bill in person Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We will be closed on the following days:
Friday, December 22, 2023
Monday, December 25, 2023
Monday, January 1, 2024
Monday, January 15, 2024

Outside of the hours we are open, you may use the drop box located in the foyer at 5520 Lacy Road. This is checked daily. Any payments put in the drop box on December 30 and 31 will be dated December 31 for receipt purposes. All mail postmarked December 31 will be back dated to December 31.

How can I obtain a pet license?

NEW in 2022 - All pet licenses should be completed online. You can register, upload forms and pay online. For more information, please follow this link to the City Clerk's page.

Can I pay my utility and tax bill with one check?

Payments for utility bills, tax bills or any other payment to the City should NOT be combined on one check. You can, however, mail payments together. 

How do I change the mailing address on my tax bill?

You can make the change on the portion of the tax bill mailed with your payment and the city will make the change.

How do I change the ownership name on my tax bill?

The City cannot make changes to the name(s) on a tax bill. Instead contact the Dane County Register of Deeds or call (608) 266-4141 for a recorded message with contact information.

I just got my real estate tax bill in the mail.  What do I do now?

The property owner is responsible for paying the bill.  If you have a mortgage on your property, contact your lender for information on how payment from your escrow is handled.

I just got my escrow check.  What do I do now?

Please make sure that your check is properly endorsed before it is given to the City.  Checks made payable jointly or singly to the City cannot be deposited in your personal bank account and will not be endorsed back to the taxpayer.

My escrow check is for more than my taxes.  What happens?

No immediate refunds will be issued. A refund check will be issued for the difference within two to three weeks.  Refunds are made to the owner of record.  You may also arrange for your escrow agent to reissue a check for the correct amount.

Do we both have to sign the escrow check?

If your check is made out to John AND Jane Owner, then, yes, you must both endorse the check.  If your check is made out to John OR Jane Owner, then one of you can endorse the check.

How do I obtain a receipt?

If you come in person, we will print a receipt.  If you send your payment via mail, you will need to include a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment.  If your escrow agent sends in your payment, you can send us a SASE and we will send you a receipt.

In January and February, you can also get a receipt from Access Dane. These can be obtained after we have settled with the County.  For example, receipts for December payments will be accessible in January and receipts for January payments will be accessible in February.

I recently purchased this property.  I thought taxes were already paid.  Why am I getting this bill?

You should read your closing documents to determine if any portion or pro-ration of taxes were credited to you by the previous owner.  You are responsible for any taxes which were not paid or credited as of closing.

What if I disagree with my tax bill?

Early in the year, the assessed value for the property is established by the assessor.  Around that time, a property owner may file an objection to their assessed value.  However, the period for appealing has passed by the time taxes are determined.  You can find more information in the Guide for Property Owners.


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