Police Department Recruitment

The Police Officer Recruitment Process is currently OPEN.  The timeline listed below is an estimate, dates are subject to change.

12/28/16 - 02/05/17 -  Step 1: Advertisements

Applications will be accepted online until 11:59 p.m., Sunday, February 5, 2017.

02/06/17 - 02/09/17 - Step 2: Application Review

All Candidates will be evaluated based on the established criteria previously approved by the PFC. The selection committee will score the applications and establish a list of approximately 50 applicants, depending on number of vacancies, to proceed to the panel Interviews.

03/01/17 - 03/02/17 - Step 3: Panel Interviews

Candidates invited to participate in oral panel interviews. Minimum of 3 panelists, one internal and two external will participate. The same questions will be asked to each candidate. An applicant may ask for panelists to excuse themselves from the interview, should the candidate feel they would not receive a fair evaluation from that panelist.

03/02/17 - 03/06/17 - Step 4: Preliminary Background Screen

The top scoring candidates from the Panel Interview process will undergo a preliminary background screen. The candidate’s driving record and criminal background will be checked prior to the Chief’s Interview. Those not meeting the acceptable criteria (see minimum qualifications) will be eliminated from consideration at this point.

03/13/17 - 03/17/17 - Step 5: Personnel Evaluation Profile & Chief’s Interview

In conjunction with the Chief’s interview, candidates will take the Personnel Evaluation Profile, as developed by Personnel Evaluation, Inc. This test evaluates a person’s motivation, ethics, honesty, work habits, etc. This evaluation will be used by the background investigator in conducting a comprehensive background.

03/18/17 - 04/12/17 - Step 6: Background Checks

04/12/17  - Step 7: Recommendation to the PFC & Conditional Offers

Conditional offers of employment will be made to candidates recommended by the Chief, and approved by the PFC, which successfully pass the comprehensive background. Offers are contingent upon the successful completion of a physical exam, psychological exam, and pre-employment drug screen.

04/13/17 - 04/21/17 - Step 8: Pre-employment Medical Exams and drug screens

TBD - May 2017 First Day