Collection - Brush

The final round of brush collection for the year is fast approaching! Please be sure to have your brush ready for pickup by Monday, November 12 at 6:30am. Collection will occur during the week of November 12-16 (actual dates may vary based on weather). Please note that collection may not occur on your normal solid waste collection day, so please have your items ready for pickup by Monday. 

After this date, please see the "Other Items for Brush Disposal"
section at the bottom of this webpage. 

Curbside Brush and yardwaste will not be collected until the dates listed below in 2018.  Please remove bagged leaves from the curb and transport them to the City yardwaste drop off located at 2373 Fish Hatchery Road or use one of the other options outlined below for brush disposal or composting option to the left.  Brush and yardwaste left at the curb is considered an encroachment and is subject to fines and forfeitures.
Residents are provided with fourteen brush collections between April and November. Residents must have their brush placed at the curb by 6:30 a.m. Monday on the following brush collection weeks:

Curbside Brush Collection Schedule for 2019

  • April 8 - 12 (yardwaste also collected)
  • April 22 - 26
  • May 6 - 10 (yardwaste also collected)
  • May 20 - 24
  • June 10 -14
  • July 22 - 26
  • Aug. 26 - 30
  • Sept. 9 - 13
  • Sept. 23 - 27
  • Oct. 7 - 11
  • Oct. 21 - 25 (yardwaste also collected)
  • Nov. 11 - 15
  • Nov. 25 - 29 (yardwaste also collected)
Actual collection dates may depend on weather
Brush will be picked up between Monday and Saturday, but not necessarily on your refuse collection day. If you feel your brush was missed, please contact Pellitteri at 608-257-4285.



Curbside Brush Collection Size Requirements

  • Brush length must be less than 5 feet long, and less than 6 inches in diameter

Curbside Brush Placement/Preparation Guidelines

  • Tree trunks and limbs from 4-6 inches diameter must have branches trimmed off
  • Lay branches perpendicular to the street with the cut end toward the street
  • Pile brush neatly - do not put brush inside of cardboard boxes or plastic bags
  • Brush needs to be placed in public right-of-way (e.g. grass terrace or driveway apron just beyond the curb head), but not in the street.  Brush placed on private property or private streets will only be collected if the property owner signs an indemnification agreement and coordinates with the City and hauler (Pellitteri Waste Systems).
  • Have brush at the curb by 6:30 a.m. Monday on the week curbside collection begins

Other Options for Brush Disposal

  • Rent a Chipper
  • Hire a Landscape Contractor 
  • Take brush to Dane County's Brush Recycling Center (7102 Hwy 12, Madison, WI)
  • Further information on these options can be found in: Fitchburg's Recycling Guide

Questions or Problems

If you have any questions or problems with your curbside brush collection contact Pellitteri Waste Systems at 608-257- HAUL (4285) or Fitchburg Public Works at 608-270-4260.