Brush Collection

Residents are provided with fourteen brush collections between April and November in 2015. Residents must have their brush placed at the curb by 6:30 a.m. Monday on the following brush collection weeks:
Curbside Brush Collection Schedule for 2015

  • April 13-17*, April 27- May 1
  • May 11-15, May 26-30
  • June 8-12, June 22-26
  • July 13-17
  • August 3-7, August 24-28
  • September 14-18, September 28 - October 2
  • October 12-16, October 26-30
  • November 16-20*
*Actual collection dates may depend on weather
Brush will be picked up between Monday and Saturday, but not necessarily on your refuse collection day.

Brush Collection Guidelines
  • Maximum length is 5 feet long, maximum branch size is 6 inches in diameter
  • Tree trunks and limbs from 4-6 inches diameter must have branches trimmed off
  • Lay branches perpendicular to the street with the cut end toward the street
  • Pile brush neatly - do not put brush inside of cardboard boxes or plastic bags
  • Have brush at the curb by 6:30 a.m. Monday on the week curbside collection begins
Other Alternatives
  • Rent a Chipper
  • Hire a Landscape Contractor
  • Take brush to:
Questions or Problems
If you have any questions or problems with your curbside brush collection contact Pellitteri Waste Systems at 608-257- HAUL (4285) or Public Works at 608-270-4264.

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