Recycling Drop Off Site

 The City of Fitchburg operates a Recycling Drop Off site for yard waste, scrap metal, cardboard, block polystyrene, and motor oil at the south end of the Public Works Maintenance Facility at 2373 S. Fish Hatchery Road.

The facility is open during daylight hours. The generally accepted times are 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Recycling Drop Off Site is monitored by surveillance cameras for your convenience. Violators dropping off unacceptable materials will be ticketed.
5 Report Dumping Aluminum Sign 3x2.5 2014-12-01

Acceptable Materials & Instructions

Yard Waste (Non-invasive)

  • Place yard waste in concrete bunker as far back as possible
  • Remove from bags
  • Reuse or dispose of empty bags in dumpster near yard waste

Invasive Species

  • Place bagged invasive species in the dumpster marked 'yardwaste, invasive plants and oil containers'

Scrap Metal

  • Remove nonmetal parts
  • Place in metal only dumpster
  • Not all scrap metal is accepted please check before dumping


  • Please flatten all boxes
  • Place in dumpster marked recycling materials only
  • Do not leave recycling materials outside of dumpster
  • If dumpster appears full, check back of the dumpster

Motor Oil

  • Pour into tank
  • Close lid after use
  • Discard empty containers in dumpster labeled

Oil Filters

  • Place filters neatly in drum
  • Close lid after use


  • Place in white dumpster marked "White Block Polystyrene"
  • Break up as needed to fit
  • No packing peanuts

Plastic Bulky Items

  • Trash containers, pails, pet carriers, milk crates
  • Plastic chairs, laundry baskets, coolers
  • Larger plastic toys such as slides, climbers, pails


YardWaste Bag and Oil Container 3x2 2013-09-17
Yardwaste Only Aluminum Sign 6x4
4 Scrap Metal Only Aluminum Sign 2x2 2014-12-01
Cardboard Sticker 3x2.5 2016-11-02
Oil Filters Only Aluminum Sign 2x2 2015-12-14
Motor Oil Only Aluminum Sign 2016-11-02