Tower Hill Greenway

In the Spring of 2014 the City of Fitchburg began restoration efforts on the Tower Hill Greenway.  This included the removal of dead and dying trees, as well as the mechanical removal and chemical treatment of invasive understory shrubs and brush.  With the approval of the 2015 budget, funding has been allocated towards restoration of the greenway.  Current ideas include continued understory vegetation management of invasives, planting of native trees and shrubs within the wooded area and establishing a right-of-way for utility access.  The City of Fitchburg held an Open House on Thursday, December 11, 2014.  In the Spring of 2015, the City will be holding an on-site meeting at the Greenway to show residents the proposed locations of new trees and shrubs.

Spring/Summer 2014 Remove dead and dying trees and invasive understory brush
Winter 2014 Hold a public meeting to discuss future restoration efforts
Spring 2015 Mark future planting sites with wooden stakes
Date TBD
Spring 2015 Hold a walk-through meeting with residents to show proposed tree and shrub locations
Date TBD
Spring 2015 Plant trees and shrubs
Date TBD
Spring/Summer 2015 Continued stewardship to remove invasive and undesirable understory vegetation
Date TBD

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