Public Transportation Services

The City partners with Madison Metro to provide transit service within the City limits.

Madison Metro held a public meeting on 3/3/2021 to discuss the Metro area transit network redesign. A Madison Metro sponsored survey concerning the redesign effort is available here.

In response to ridership changes due to the pandemic, transit routes in the City of Fitchburg were discontinued or reduced in 2020. Public Hearings were held on March 11 and March 17 of 2021 for members of the public to discuss recent transit service changes, the mobility needs of City residents, and opportunities for future service.

A Fitchburg sponsored survey is available through April 2021 to share your thoughts on current and future transit service in Fitchburg.

 For more information, please contact Andrew McFadden, Transportation Engineer, at (608) 270-4261 or You may also contact the Metro Customer Service Center at 266-4466 (TTY 267-1143) or .