Street Lights

EEcutoff_001The city contracts with Madison Gas & Electric (MG&E) to repair and maintain our street lights.

To report a street light out enter it here. In order to insure MG&E is able to locate the street light and repair it in a timely manner, please be as specific as possible. They would prefer the pole number which is located on the pole. If this is not possible, be as specific as possible (closest house address, detail description of which light, intersection, etc.)

The current standard for street lighting is 300 to 400 feet between street lights. If you live in an older neighborhood and would like an additional light placed on your street, please submit a petition to Public Works signed by all property owners within 300' of the requested street light. The city has limited funds every year to add additional lights. Requests will be honored on a first come first serve basis.

From May through November, banners are placed on some of the street light poles on McKee Road and Fish Hatchery Road. November through March, winter decorations are placed on these same roadways. These banners and decorations are maintained by the city's Public Works Street Crew.