Lacy Road Reconstruction

Lacy Road to Open End of Day Wednesday November 1, 2017

Lacy Road is Closed to Through Traffic

Lacy Road Resident Update
Lacy Road Construction Updates

If you have any questions on the reconstruction project, please call the field office phone at 608-504-8406.

Lacy Road Construction Information Meeting

Final Design Presentation
         Presentation, January 19, 2017

Final Lacy Road Reconstruction Plans

Lacy Road Reconstruction Project Files 

            90% Lighting Plan - DRAFT, August 18, 2016
            90% Plan and Profile Plan - DRAFT, August 18, 2016
            90% Storm Sewer Plan - DRAFT, August 18, 2016
            90% Tree Landscaping Erosion Control Plan - DRAFT, August 18, 2016
            90% Utility Plan - DRAFT, August 18, 2016

            Plan and Profile drawings - DRAFT, March 3, 2016
City to hold Lacy Road Design Update Meetings

The City will be holding monthly meetings on the third Thursday of each month from 4:00-5:00 pm in the Syene Room at the Fitchburg Senior Center. The meetings are open to the public and have been established in an effort to:

    • Keep interested residents apprised of the design status for Lacy Road,
    • Allow for regular communication between city staff, the design consultant, and members of the East Fitchburg Neighborhood Association, and
    • Allow for this project to maintain its aggressive design schedule.
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 21.  

Lacy Road Public Opinion Survey Results

The results of the public opinion survey, which was open from August 17 through September 18, have been compiled and are available in the documents and links listed below. 

  • 5 page summary of the Lacy Road public opinion survey results – This document provides the overall trends of 4 sub-categories including; Lacy Road Residents, Live Adjacent to the Project, Fitchburg Residents, and All Respondents.
  • Complete survey results – This document provides the overall responses to each question and the comments that were provided. No personal information is included. Web links for a breakdown of the results for each sub-category including comments. No personal information is included:
Lacy Road Residents:
Adjacent to Project:
Fitchburg Residents:
All Responses:  

Approved Lacy Road Typical Section 

Fitchburg Common Council approved Resolution R-111-15 which defines the Lacy Road typical section from the Community Center east to S. Syene Road. The approved components of the typical section include the following:

  • 2-ft curb and gutter (1’ gutter pan with 1’ curb head)
  • 2 ~ 10’ travel lanes
  • 2 ~ 4’ on-road bike lanes with 2 ~ 2’ buffers to be utilized to mitigate speed and protect on-road bike lanes
  • 1 ~ 8’-10’ shared-used path on the south side of Lacy Road
  • Sketch of Lacy Road typical section

 If you have questions, please contact Ahna Bizjak at 270-4262 or

Project Background
The City of Fitchburg has received a Federal STP-Urban grant to reconstruct a 1.3 mile segment of Lacy Road from the Fitchburg Community Center to South Syene Road.

Location Map_Lacy

The reconstruction of Lacy Road has been listed in the Capital Improvement Program for several years, primarily serving as a placeholder until grant funding could be secured and the need for the improvements became necessary. With the federal grant being secured to fund 50% of the construction costs, the poor pavement condition, and the increase in traffic volumes on Lacy Road, this project is  moving forward with construction planned for 2017.

Lacy Road serves as a major collector through the City, providing a continuous east-west roadway that travels the length of the entire City. The pavement condition has a PASER rating of 6 (out of 10) and continues to degrade with the increased traffic that is traveling on Lacy Road due to the development activity occurring on the east side of the City. The McGaw Park Neighborhood Plan included an evaluation of existing roadways based on the development that is planned in the McGaw Park Neighborhood, Tech Campus, and Uptown. The traffic forecasts for Lacy Road range between 9,000-10,000 vehicles per day (vpd) for the projection year of 2035, at full build-out. The existing average daily traffic (ADT) on Lacy Road is ~5,000 vpd. Also, the 2008 City of Fitchburg Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan includes a recommendation to add sidewalk and to continue the shared-use path along the length of this corridor to provide pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.

Based on all of the above, the primary goals for the Lacy Road Reconstruction project are the following:

  • Replace deteriorating pavement,
  • Incorporate intersection improvements to address current and future development and growth near the corridor,
  • Provide pedestrian accommodations for the length of the project,
  • Enhance bicycle accommodations,
  • Incorporate road profile adjustments to enhance driveway access and improve sight distance at driveways and intersections,
  • Reconstruct to an urban cross-section to facilitate drainage within the right-of-way, minimize right-of-way acquisition, and change the character of the roadway to improve compliance with the posted speed limit,
  • Become aware of and avoid impacts to cultural, historical, and archaeological sites

Lacy Road Kick-Off Meeting – Thursday, June 25, 6:30 pm at Fitchburg Library

This meeting provided an open house format to inform residents of the project limits, schedule, public input opportunities, and collect input on some of the typical section components to consider on the roadway. The goal for this meeting was to share information about the upcoming project and collect input and concerns before beginning the design process.

 Lacy Road Public Involvement Meeting - Wednesday, July 29, 6:30 pm, Council Chambers in City Hall

This meeting included a formal presentation of the project including background discussion on the purpose and need and a presentation of 5 typical sections for public comment and input.

Presentation materials can be viewed at the links below:
 PowerPoint Presentation
 Five (5) Typical Section Alternatives

 West Aerial/Typical Section Exhibit

 East Aerial/Typical Section Exhibit

 Comment Sheet - Comment sheets are due September 18, 2015