Green Fitchburg Events

RCC Annual Event: Is an E-Bike Right for Me?
June 8, 2023 6:30-7:30pm
McKee Farms Park main shelter

Featuring Wheel & Sprocket's Julien Mathie

For this year's annual Resources Conservation Commission educational event, come to the McKee Farms Park shelter and learn all about e-bikes! Several different types of e-bikes will be on hand from Fitchburg's own Wheel & Sprocket, with Manager Julien Matthie on hand to talk about the different types of e-bikes, how to research and shop for e-bikes, and anything else you may have wondered about these increasingly-popular transportation options.

With the addition of BCycle and their e-bike fleet to Fitchburg in 2023, this is a great time to think about familiarizing yourself with e-bikes and considering whether an e-bike is right for you.

Is the E-Bike for You Event Flyer

Adopt A Storm Drain
A City of Fitchburg and Dane County partnership

AASD Map Thumbnail

Fitchburg residents have already committed to regularly clearing more than 30 storm drains of leaves, grass, trash, snow and other debris through the Dane County Adopt-A-Storm Drain Program. This simple act can help prevent localized flooding and keeps our lakes, rivers and streams clean. Storm drains help transport runoff from roofs, driveways, streets and other hard surfaces to underground pipes or storm sewers that eventually make their way to our lakes, rivers and streams. Unfortunately, that runoff also carries pollutants to our waters. Keeping storm drains clean can help protect our waters!

It’s easy! Here’s how it works.

  1. Adopt a nearby storm drain using the Dane County Adopt-A-Storm Drain App.
  2. Commit to safely cleaning the area on and around the adopted storm drain at least once a month, but preferably before every large rain event.
  3. Report the amount and type of debris after each cleaning using the Adopt- A-Storm Drain App.
  4. Report any spills/discharges washing down the storm drain.

All volunteers will be provided Storm Drain Cleaning Kit that includes: a safety vest, storm drain decal to place on their adopted storm drain, dust pan and broom, collection bucket and an Adopt-A-Storm Drain sticker to proudly display.  Volunteers will also be included on our Adopt-A-Storm Drain e-Newsletter, which comes out 3-4 times/year. Adopt a local storm drain and have a Ripple Effect on area waters!

To Adopt a Storm Drain near you or for more information visit:

Storm Drain Picture1Storm Drain Picture3 Storm Drain Picture2