Homeowner Stormwater Responsibilities

Public Storm Sewer System

The Public Storm Sewer System consists of over 85 miles of gravity storm pipes, 5,500 storm inlets and manholes, as well as storm ponds and ditches. The City of Fitchburg Public Works is responsible for operating and maintaining this system to convey storm water to natural drainageways, where possible.

Private Storm Sewer

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of private storm sewers (such as drain tiles) and your driveway culvert. Your private storm sewers extend from within your property to the point where it connects to the public storm sewer system. If modifications to your driveway or driveway culvert are needed, please submit a Driveway Permit Application to the City. Homeowners are also responsible for mowing the ditches in front of their homes.

Driveway Culverts