Fitchburg City Hall has reopened to the public for regular business. If you wish to speak or meet with a specific staff member at City Hall, please contact them in advance to make an appointment. A face covering is required for all visitors to City Hall. 

Please visit department page for specific information on their in-person and remote operations.

For a list of the impact on City operations and closures: List of modifications to all city services

Assistance for Fitchburg Businesses

The City of Fitchburg Community and Economic Development Authority’s (CEDA) Forward Fitchburg Biz Boost Loan Program is available for local small businesses to utilize as they reopen from the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more about the program and apply here.

The Fitchburg Community and Economic Development Authority has modified the guidelines of the Forward Fitchburg Biz Boost Loan to increase the eligible revenue limit to less than $2.5 million. The funding is available to help with the costs associated with the reopening and relaunch of your business due to COVID. The applications are due on the 15th of each month and will continue until all funds are allocated or until December 15th. The loan guidelines have been slightly modified so please read them carefully as your business may have not been eligible before but might now qualify.

The temporary expanded outdoor premise program provides for consideration of a temporary change of premise to allow for expanded outdoor seating due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Temporary Expanded Outdoor Premise Application and Guidelines can be found here.

We are all in this together but we are Fitchburg strong and will continue to support our business community in way that we are able. We ask that residents to patronize our businesses as these owners are our friends, neighbors and community members.

For additional information or questions on the Forward Fitchburg Biz Boost Loan Program or the Temporary Expanded Outdoor Premise Application and Guidelines, feel free to contact: 

Michael Zimmerman at (608) 270-4245 or by email at  or  Joyce Frey at (608) 270-4246 or

Stay Informed in Fitchburg

Follow FACTv for important information on city services, meetings and other news.

Face Coverings

Public Health Madison & Dane County Face Covering Page

The above link provides information related to face coverings, including information for businesses, information on compliance and resources to obtain a face covering.

Face coverings are required in City Hall. 

Complaints & Enforcement

Public Health Madison & Dane County is coordinating the overall response to complaints related to the current emergency health order, primarily focusing on businesses that may be in violation.  Please do not contact us to report issues related to individuals failing to comply with the face covering order. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You do not need special permission to leave your home.
  • We will not stop or detain individuals solely for violations or perceived violations of the emergency public health order.
  • We will not use violations or perceived violations of the emergency public health order as the sole basis for initiating other investigations.
  • Ask community members for documentation related to the exceptions to the face coverings covered in the emergency health order.
  • Our primary method of gaining compliance with this order will be through education.
  • This order outlines punishment for violations by fine. 
  • The health of our community at this time is an extremely serious matter. We ask that you do not put us, yourself, or others at risk by violating it this order.

Business Complaints

Complaints involving businesses should be directed to Public Health Madison & Dane County (PHMDC). 

Their Coronavirus page contains a variety of information related to the pandemic and to the "Emergency order", including compliance issues.

If, after reviewing the order, you believe the business is still in violation, email your complaint to:

In Progress Gathering Complaints

Complaints pertaining to an in progress public or private gathering will be addressed by our department.

When necessary, complaints regarding gathering violations of this order should be made to us via our non-emergency number, (608)270-4300.  Complaints will be investigated and addressed as needed, and when time and resources permit. Please do not contact us to report violations of the face covering order. Those concerns should be directed to PHMDC using the email provided above.

Please reserve 911 for emergency situations.

Our resources to investigate and handle complaints pertaining to this order are limited.  Please remember it is difficult to determine a person’s activity or intent without direct contact, and while you may perceive someone to be in violation of this order, there are many valid reasons to be out of a home. We hope members of our community can be respectful of the order and our limited resources. 

We will work in conjunction with Public Health Madison & Dane County to address and investigate complaints, specifically those related to businesses.

Health Resources & Links

Public Health Madison & Dane County Coronavirus/COVID-19

Wisconsin Department of Health Services COVID-19

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention COVID-19

Mental Health Resources & Links

National Alliance on Mental Illness - Wisconsin COVID-19 Resources

Need Assistance? - Information for non-medical assistance including financial, housing, and food

Crime & Scam Prevention

Unfortunately a crisis creates opportunities for scam artists and with a whole new at-home workforce there are a host of cyber-security threats.

Stay up to date on current trends related to various scams with these resources:

FTC - Coronavirus Scam Information

We also remind you to be aware of the activity in your neighborhood. Although there are many distractions resulting from this pandemic, please remember to practice basic crime prevention tips.

Crime Prevention Tips