Fire Stations

The department operates out of two fire stations, affectionately referred to as "firehouses" by those who live and work there. Both stations house two engines, a truck company (ladder or heavy rescue squad), and a water tender, with the remaining apparatus being located at Fire Station No. 1. Both Firehouses are staffed 24/7/365 with an on-duty crew who staffs the first vehicle to respond to a call. Calls requiring additional vehicles are staffed by paid-on-call members and interns who respond to the stations from their homes or workplaces.

Fire Station No. 1

This fire station is the headquarters for the Fire Department. The majority of the training takes place at this firehouse, with its large training room. The firehouse has accommodations for up to six on-duty personnel. All administrative offices except the Fitch-Rona EMS are located at this firehouse.


The following apparatus are located at this firehouse:
  • Brush 1
  • Car 20 (Command Post)
  • Car 21
  • Car 23
  • Car 24
  • Engine 1
  • Engine 11
  • Squad 2
  • Tender 1
  • Utility 1

Fire Station No. 2

This fire station was commissioned in 2017. The firehouse has accommodations for up to 10 on-duty personnel. Fitch-Rona EMS also staffs a paramedic ambulance at this location.


The following apparatus is located at this firehouse:
  • Truck 1
  • Engine 2
  • Engine 22
  • Tender 2
  • Car 22
  • Car 25
  • ATV 1
  • Fitch-Rona Med 44
Location Study
In 2008, the city commissioned a study to evaluate the current locations of the fire stations and make recommendations for the future. After reviewing the various options, the City Council accepted a plan in which both existing fire stations will be replaced with new buildings situated in more strategic locations, along with a recommendation for a third station to be built at a later time. The plan was put into motion in 2010 with a process to select an architectural / engineering firm who will design and then manage the construction of the west side fire station that will replace Fire Station No. 2 and the administration offices currently at Fire Station No. 1. The fire station location study is available fore download online.