Library Fees

All fees and fines must be paid at the information desk on the first floor.

Overdue Fees
  • All materials = $0.25 per day
  • Borrowing privileges are suspended once $20 or more in fines have accrued on your library account. Suspension also applies to in-house checkout of library equipment
  • No overdue fines for children's materials; lost or damaged fines still apply
  • Senior citizens do not accrue overdue fines. To qualify for this option you must:
    • Be age 65 or older
    • Contact the library to change the status on your library account to "Senior"
    • Have Fitchburg set as your home library
    • Please note that fines accrued prior to your status change to senior will not be waived. Lost or damaged fines still apply
Lost or Damaged Items
Replacement charges for lost or damaged materials are based on the list price at the time of purchase.

No refunds will be issued for items the library has already replaced, or for items returned more than six months after the date the item was given lost status in the online catalog.

Photocopies & Prints
The library provides access to two photocopiers; one black and white copier on the first floor, and a color copier on the second floor.

The library also provides access to both black and white and color printers throughout the building.
  • Black and white copies and prints = $0.10 per page
  • Color copies and prints = $0.25 per page