Police & Fire Commission

Police Chief Search 2021

The Police & Fire Commission welcomes your feedback throughout this process.  You can contact the Commission directly at pfc@fitchburgwi.gov or by calling 608-270-4325 and leaving a message.  

Búsqueda del Jefe de Policía 2021

La Comisión de Policía y de Bomberos de la ciudad solicita sus comentarios en este proceso. Usted puede contactar directamente a la Comisión a través del correo electrónico: pfc@fitchburgwi.gov o llamando y

dejando su mensaje al 608-270-4325.

Police Chief Announcement -September 27, 2021

The selection of the Chief of Police is one of the most significant responsibilities of the five members of the Police and Fire Commission.  We started this process in May 2021 and were honored to solicit and receive feedback from the community throughout the entire process.  The response to the community survey we issued was substantial.  In addition to the survey, the process included a community panel presentation, interviews with community and other law enforcement leaders, a meeting with the police officers in Fitchburg, City tour, the panel presentation with the community and two interviews with the Police and Fire Commission as well as detailed background checks.

We were fortunate to have a number of outstanding candidates for the position.  The two finalists for the position are very qualified individuals and law enforcement officers. 

The Police & Fire Commission selected Alfonso Morales as the next Chief of Police in Fitchburg.  The Commission is looking forward to the future, working with Chief Morales, to continue to provide community-involved policing and law enforcement that respects the value of all individuals in our community. 

Chief Morales was very pleased to have been selected and is looking forward to working with the very talented Officers and other professional staff of the Fitchburg police department. 

Please help us welcome Alfonso Morales to Fitchburg.

Anuncio del jefe de policía - 27 de septiembre de 2021

La selección del Jefe de Policía es una de las responsabilidades más importantes de los cinco miembros de la Comisión de Policía y Bomberos. Comenzamos este proceso en mayo de 2021 y tuvimos el honor de solicitar y recibir comentarios de la comunidad durante todo el proceso. La respuesta a la encuesta comunitaria que publicamos fue sustancial. Además de la encuesta, el proceso incluyó una presentación en un panel comunitario, entrevistas con la comunidad y otros líderes policiales, una reunión con los oficiales de policía en Fitchburg, un recorrido por la ciudad, la presentación del panel con la comunidad y dos entrevistas con la Comisión de Policía y Bomberos. así como verificaciones de antecedentes detallados.    

Tuvimos la suerte de contar con varios candidatos destacados para el puesto. Los dos finalistas para el puesto son personas muy calificadas y agentes del orden.  

 La Comisión de Policía y Bomberos seleccionó a Alfonso Morales como el próximo Jefe de Policía en Fitchburg. La Comisión espera con ansias el futuro, trabajando con el Jefe Morales, para continuar brindando vigilancia policial y aplicación de la ley involucradas en la comunidad que respeten el valor de todas las personas en nuestra comunidad.  

 El Jefe Morales estaba muy complacido de haber sido seleccionado y espera trabajar con los muy talentosos Oficiales y otro personal profesional del departamento de policía de Fitchburg.

 Ayúdenos a dar la bienvenida a Alfonso Morales a Fitchburg.

Police Chief Survey Results

We had a total of 308 responses to the community survey.  Check out the survey trends!  Please contact pfc@fitchburgwi.gov to obtain the full survey results. 

Resultados de la encuesta del jefe de policía

Tuvimos un total de 308 respuestas a la encuesta comunitaria. ¡Vea las tendencias de la encuesta ! Comuníquese con pfc@fitchburgwi.gov para obtener los resultados completos de la encuesta. 

Public Reception to Meet the Police Chief Finalists

On August 3, 2021, the City held a public reception to meet the Police Chief finalists.  You can watch the event here: 


Recepción pública para conocer a los finalistas del jefe de policía


El 3 de agosto de 2021, la Ciudad celebró una recepción pública para conocer a los finalistas del Jefe de Policía. Puedes ver el evento aquí: 


The four finalists are:
  • Scott Kleinfeldt, a lieutenant with the City of Madison Police Department
  • Alfonso Morales, a retired chief from the Milwaukee Police Department
  • Tony Ruesga, the chief of the Cross Plains Police Department
  • Vic Siebeneck, a captain with the Salt Lake City, Utah, Police Department
Hijo de los cuatro finalistas:
  • Scott Kleinfeldt, teniente del Departamento de Policía de la Ciudad de Madison
  • Alfonso Morales, un jefe retirado del Departamento de Policía de Milwaukee
  • Tony Ruesga, jefe del Departamento de Policía de Cross Plains
  • Vic Siebeneck, capitán del Departamento de Policía de Salt Lake City, Utah


Community Presentations

The finalists were asked to prepare a presentation for a community panel to include their response to the following question:

"What is your vision of proactive policing in the City of Fitchburg? How would you direct members at all levels of the department (supervision, detectives, & officers) to be proactive in mitigating and stopping crime within Fitchburg? Give two or three examples of current crime trends specific to Fitchburg/Madison area and how you would proactively police that problem."

Each finalist's response to the above question can be viewed by clicking their image or by clicking the links below. Please note these are excerpts from each presentation and only include the portion related to the above question. 

Presentaciones de la comunidad

Se solicitó a los finalistas que prepararan una presentación para un panel comunitario que incluyera su respuesta a la siguiente pregunta:

"¿Cuál es su visión de la vigilancia proactiva en la ciudad de Fitchburg? ¿Cómo dirigiría a los miembros en todos los niveles del departamento? (supervisión, detectives, y oficiales) para ser proactivos en mitigar y detener el crimen dentro de Fitchburg? Dé dos o tres ejemplos de tendencias criminales actuales específicas del área de Fitchburg / Madison y cómo controlaría ese problema de manera proactiva ".

La respuesta de cada finalista a la pregunta anterior se puede ver haciendo clic en su imagen o haciendo clic en los enlaces a continuación. Tenga en cuenta que estos son extractos de cada presentación y solo incluyen la parte relacionada con la pregunta anterior.

Scott Kleinfeldt
Alfonso Morales
Tony Ruesga
Vic Siebeneck

Meet the Interim Police Chief Matt Laha

Matt Laha has been proudly serving the citizens of Fitchburg since 2005 as an officer, sergeant, Deputy Chief and now, Interim Police Chief. Over the past 16 years he has dedicated himself to improving officers through his various instructor roles within the department in order to develop their skills to better serve the community. He has coordinated the department’s efforts in many community based programs, such as: Black and Latino Youth Academies, Shop with a Cop, Fitchburg Citizens Academy and Back to School with a Cop. He looks forward to continuing the department’s efforts on updating the department’s policy and procedure manual.  As Interim Chief, Matt is focused on maintaining the department’s goal of building trust and legitimacy with the community and staying true to the mission, vision and values of the Fitchburg Police Department.    

“The Fitchburg Police and Fire Commission would like to thank Deputy Chief Matthew Laha for stepping into the role of Interim Police Chief. His dedication and service to the department are appreciated and needed during the search for a new police chief” shared PFC President Jeff Standiford.                                                             

Announcement & Brochure

FBPD Chief Recruiting Brochure Link

Job Announcement
Recruitment Brochure


  • 5:00 p.m.
  • Third Wednesday of every month when needed
  • City Hall, 5520 Lacy Rd.
    Fitchburg,WI 53711

Agendas and Minutes

Police and Fire Commission agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval. 
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Members serve 5 year staggered terms
 Name Term Expires
Committee Position
Phone Number
Ron Johnson 2026    
Tom O'Day 2025 Vice-President  
Sheena Amble 2024

Jeff Standiford 2023 President
Rosa Aguilu   2022

Sarah Olson
  Staff Contact


The Board of Police and Fire Commissioners shall consist of five city residents.  One member shall be appointed annually between the last Monday in April and the first Monday of May for a term of five years.  No more than three members may be of the same political party.  Before May 31 of each year, the board shall appoint by majority vote of those present and voting one member to be president/chair.  Three members shall constitute a quorum.

Summary of Duties

The Board shall have the duties prescribed in Wis. Stats. §62.13: To appoint the Police and Fire Chief, approve the written protocol on hiring, promotion, suspension, demotion, and termination and to approve or disapprove the appointment of any subordinate by the Police or Fire Chief. Additionally, to distribute all rules relating to examination and qualification of police officers and firefighters, conduct examinations for appointments to the police or fire department, to suspend, reduce in rank, or remove the Police or Fire Chief, or any firefighter or law enforcement personnel for cause after hearing on charges filed with the board in accordance with the procedures of Wis. Stats. §62.13(5).
To make a formal complaint to the Police & Fire Commission, please follow the instructions and complete this form.
If you are unable to fill out the complaint form, please contact the Staff Contact of the Police & Fire Commission for assistance at 608-270-4325.