Plan Review & Acceptance Testing

Plan Review & Acceptance Testing

The purpose of plan review and acceptance testing is to increase fire safety for the public and our firefighters, and protect property. We provide code consultation, plan review, onsite inspections and testing. We grant permission for occupancy by applying the adopted National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards, Department of Commerce Administrative Codes and City of Fitchburg Chapter 44 (Fire Prevention Ordinance). Applying these codes and ordinances the Fire Prevention Division seeks to ensure that all new and remodeled buildings and facilities meet all of the State and local Building and Fire Code requirements.

Plans are required prior to the issuance of any kind of permit. The size, type, and location of the proposed building will dictate the permits and approvals needed from the various City departments. This will also determine the type and number of inspections that will be required throughout the construction process.

Plan Review

Approval of Plans Required

No automatic sprinkler equipment shall be installed or altered in any building until plans have been submitted to and reviewed by the Fire Department. Three copies of the plans and specifications, two paper copies and one electronic copy, shall be submitted for review. Conditionally approved plans shall be stamped with the date of review. One paper copy shall be returned to owner, two retained by the Department for field use and property file reference.


Plans for sprinkler systems (including drawings, diagrams and other information required by NFPA 13, as needed) shall be submitted, to the Fire Department for review and conditional approval. Plans shall be conditionally approved prior to any installation or construction.


Calculations shall be submitted with all plans. In the event a pipe schedule is used, a written report with verified pressure information shall be submitted. The engineer completing such calculations shall stamp and sign the report.

Installation & Inspection Services Required

  • The installation of underground piping shall be inspected by the Fire Department prior to being covered.
  • The installer shall provide advance notice to the Fire Department for any required installation inspection.

System Requirements

All required building automatic sprinkler systems shall comply with the following, provided existing systems not in compliance on the effective date of this ordinance shall have 12 months to come into compliance.

System Drain

The building automatic sprinkler system shall have a drain piped to the outside of the building or to a drain suitable to handle the required flows.

Inspectors Test Valve

The system shall have an inspector's test valve piped so as to discharge to the outside of the building or to a drain suitable to handle the discharge of water.

Alarm Bells or Horns

Alarm bells or horns shall be installed on all systems. One bell or horn shall be installed on the inside of the building and a second bell or horn installed on the outside of the building. The sprinkler alarm shall be tied into the building alarm system in buildings equipped with a fire and smoke detection local alarm system.

Acceptance Test

The sprinkler system shall have a hydro static test performed by the installer in the presence of a Fire Department inspector. The sprinkler system shall be tested by flows of the main drain and inspector's test. The installer shall notify the Fire Department prior to any test being conducted.

Contact Deputy Chief Grossen for more information about plan reviews.