Mayor Ad Hoc - Fire Station Oversight Committee

Agendas and Minutes
Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval. 
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Committee Position
 Telephone Number
Carol Poole
Steve Arnold
  Mayor, Chair  
Patrick Marsh
  City Administrator  
Dave Herbst
Craig Schneider 
  EMS Representative  
Pat O'Brien
Jason Gonzalez
Julia Arata-Fratta      Alder  
Cory Horton
Tom Hovel
Joe Pulvermacher   Staff  
Chad Grossen
Brian Myrland
Dave Berman

Ad Hoc, select or special committees may be appointed by the mayor and are not subject to confirmation by the common council, to consider any special matter.  Each such committee shall consider only those matters specifically referred to it and shall exist only so long as may be required to complete its work, but may not exist for longer than one year without annual approval by the common council.  All ad hoc, special and select committees that exist for more than one year shall provide a written annual report of their activities and findings to the common council.

The mayor shall determine the size and composition of select and special committees at the time the committee is created.  All ad hoc, select and special committees shall contain at least one common council member.

The mayor shall inform the common council of specific assignment given to each special or select committee together with the name, address, occupation, education and community involvement of each person appointed to the committee and the reason for recommending the appointment of each committee member.  This information shall be provided to the common council at least three days prior to the common council meeting at which the appointments will be considered.

Summary of Duties

The city is replacing the existing two stations with two new stations in different locations.  This committee is tasked with the site selection, space needs analysis and construction oversight of the two new fire station buildings.