Save an Ash Tree

New in 2014
The city has funded the treatment of all healthy public ash trees along streets and in parks.  Approximately 250-300 ash trees will be treated in 2014 and the remaining 250-300 trees in 2015. 

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment
Emerald ash borer (EAB) is spreading throughout Wisconsin and threatening our ash trees. It takes several years and is 100% lethal if the tree is not treated with the appropriate insecticide. To prevent this devastation to our ash population, the City of Fitchburg has purchased special equipment to inject insecticide into the city-owned ash trees in parks and along streets. The 2013 city budget and Save-an-Ash donations allowed us to treat 156 of our approximately 825 public ash trees. This includes our largest healthy ash trees in parks and street terraces and trees adopted by homeowners and businesses.

Donate to Save-an-Ash Fund
Make a general donation to the Save-an-Ash treatment program. The city will use these funds to protect healthy ash trees in the parks and along streets from EAB into the future.

Adopt an Ash (closed)
Read the brochure for more information on the program. Complete and mail in the form inside if you would like to adopt an ash tree.  Adoptions are no longer being accepted.

before and after tree removal