Division Mission & Responsibilities


The mission of the Urban Forestry division of the City of Fitchburg is to understand the environment of the urban forest and use best management practices to assure that the forest is maintained in good health, minimize the risk of injury and property damage and maximize the benefits of the urban forest to the community and its citizens, through diversity and function. The urban forest consists of all shade and ornamental trees and shrubs in public and private areas throughout the city.


  • Management, planning, planting, protection, removal, replacement, and maintenance of all shade and ornamental trees in public ways and public areas.
  • Hazard and diseased tree risk assessment and remediation for any tree or shrub on public or private property that constitutes a public nuisance or endangers the life, health, safety, or welfare of persons or property.
  • Assist residents in handling diseases and insect infestations, and tree selection for street terraces or on private property.

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