Crime Prevention Tips and Resources

Shared Responsibility 
Preventing crime is a shared responsibility. We rely on citizens to tell us about suspicious and criminal activities as well as to reduce the opportunity for criminal acts.  Check out some of the most important and easiest steps you can take to prevent crime.

Increase Awareness

Perhaps the most important aspect of crime prevention is increasing your awareness of your surroundings. You are the expert when it comes to knowing what is normal in your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors, participate in your neighborhood association and get involved in a neighborhood watch program. 

When outside the comfort of your home and neighborhood continue to maintain your awareness. Minimize distractions, trust your instincts and never assume someplace is "safe".

Report Suspicious Activity
If something does not look or feel right, call us and tell us about it (608)270-4300 or if it is an emergency call 911. Officers would rather check on a suspicious situation and determine it is unfounded then find out days later that someone saw something that could have prevented a crime.  Unfortunately officers cannot be everywhere at once and as such we rely on citizens to let us know what is going on in their neighborhood.

Reduce Opportunity
Most property crimes are crimes of opportunity. Criminals typically do not want to engage in criminal activity if it requires a lot of effort or it has a high likelihood of being seen or caught. The easiest ways to reduce the opportunity for crime at your residence include:
  • Locking your doors and windows
  • Keeping your garage door closed
  • Leaving exterior lights on or installing motion lights
These apply no matter where you live. Again, never assume your home or neighborhood is "safe" since criminals will purposely seek out homes or neighborhoods that present easy targets.

If You Like It, Lock It
One of the most common property crimes in the City of Fitchburg is theft from unlocked vehicles. Criminals will check car doors whether they are parked in the street, driveways or open garages. Officers routinely take reports of thefts involving items as small as pocket change all the way up to golf clubs and expensive electronics. If you like it, lock it! Or better yet hide your valuables in your car or move them inside your house.

Crime Prevention Resources
Vacation Watch
Tell us when you go on vacation. When time permits officers will check on your residence.

Vacation Watch

Police Call Map
View an interactive map to learn about police calls and crime in your neighborhood. Sign up for daily e-mail reports of police calls in your neighborhood.

Police Call Map

Citizen Watch
Receive e-mail alerts regarding crimes in your neighborhood as well as specific tips to prevent the same type of crimes being reported.

Citizen Watch

National Crime Prevention Council
The National Crime Prevention Council has a wealth of information and resources related to preventing crime of all types.

National Crime Prevention Council