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1. What day is my trash picked up?
2. How do I dispose of large items (e.g. mattresses, bedframes, furniture, TVs, stereos, microwaves, furniture)?
3. Where can I find the current Solid Waste Collection Schedule (for curbside collection of Refuse, Recycling, Brush, and Yardwaste)?
4. How do I get new or replacement Refuse and/or Recycling Carts?
5. How do I report a broken/out street light?
6. How do I report a broken/out traffic signal?
7. How do I report road hazards?
8. I’m setting up my water softener, how many grains of hardness are in the City’s water?
9. Who do I contact for fire flow information?
10. What is in my water?
11. When does the City flush the water system?
12. There is water bubbling out of the ground, who do I contact?
13. I have a sewer backup, who do I contact?
14. What is AMI?
15. Why do meters / radios need to be changed?
16. How will the new system read meters?
17. What is the benefit to me having a new meter?
18. Will this new meter reading system give me access to my water usage history?
19. When will the meter replacements and cross connection surveys begin and how long will they last?
20. Will you need access to my home?
21. Will the new meter / radio use power from my home?
22. What do I need to do to prepare for the meter installation and cross connection inspection?
23. How will I recognize the meter installer / cross-connection inspector?
24. What will happen if the meter / radio does not work?
25. How did the city determine the installation schedule?
26. What options do I have if I am worried about Radio Frequency (RF) exposure?