Neighborhood Watch


The general idea of a neighborhood watch program is to organize a network of neighbors who maintain awareness for suspicious or criminal activity in a neighborhood.  In turn, these neighbors communicate with other neighbors and the police department to spread awareness. Modern technology has drastically changed the way neighborhoods and communities share this type of information.

We rely on our partnerships with our citizens and neighborhoods to help prevent and solve crime. Over the years we have found that neighborhood organizations that organize around more than just criminal activity are more sustainable and effective. We encourage all residents to get to know their neighbors in all four directions and exchange contact information. 

We recommend all residents program our non-emergency dispatch number, (608)270-4300 into their phones. When suspicious or criminal activity  is observed, citizens are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible to report the activity. This number immediately connects you to a Fitchburg Police Dispatcher.

If neighborhood organizations are interested in learning more about crime prevention and other ways to impact public safety, we are happy to present information, attend meetings, and answer questions. Call us at (608)270-4300 and let us know how we can help.