Crime Victim Resources


Being victimized by a crime, no matter how seemingly minor, can have significant financial, emotional and physical impacts. The Department aims to provide compassionate and professional service to all victims.  Once a crime has been committed, victim(s) often have many questions about the criminal justice process. The following sections contain information on some of the many resources available to crime victims.

Dane County District Attorney's Office 

All criminal investigations in which an arrest has been made or charges have been referred are handled by the Dane County District Attorney's Office.

For general information regarding the District Attorney's Office:
Dane County District Attorney's Office

For information specific to crime victims including rights and how the court process works:
District Attorney's Victim Witness Unit

For information specific to domestic violence crimes:
District Attorney's Domestic Violence Unit

For information on obtaining a restraining order:
Restraining Orders

Dane County Sheriff's Office

All individuals arrested by the Fitchburg Police Department are transported to the Dane County Jail. Once turned over to the jail, arrested persons may be able to be released after posting bail or they could be kept in custody until their initial court appearance.

For information regarding the Dane County Jail:
Dane County Jail 

To search for an inmate or to be notified of an inmate's release:

Additional Dane County Resources

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services:

Dane County Rape Crisis Center:

State of Wisconsin Department of Justice Crime Victim Resources

The Department of Justice Office of Crime Victim Services has numerous resources and information available for crime victims:
WI DOJ Office of Crime Victim Services