Fitchburg Access Community Television- FACTv

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Welcome to Fitchburg Access Community Television- FACTv.  FACTv is your access to your local government, community news, and local programming. We operate two channels, F1 Government Channel and F2 Community Channel. 

Government Channel F1: 

Find all of the City of Fitchburg’s public meetings and more!

Watch Now: Government Channel F1

Video on Demand: Government Channel F1

Community Channel F2: 

Featuring locally created programming and our daily news show Talking Fitchburg.

Watch Now: Community Channel F2

Video on Demand: Community Channel F2

FACTv YouTube Channel

Checkout out the latest Talking Fitchburg interview from our Factv City of Fitchburg YouTube Channel. Talking Fitchburg is your guide to what's happening in and around the City of Fitchburg. From daily headlines, to special guests we have you covered with Talking Fitchburg.