Initial Appearances

Court Date

The date and time of your initial appearance is listed at the top center of your citation. In order to find out whether or not you need to appear in court, you should consult your ticket. On the top portion of the ticket, a box will be marked yes, for appearance required, if it is mandatory.

Plea Options

On the scheduled court date, the defendant will be required to enter a plea to the chart. The three options are:
  • Guilty
  • No Contest
  • Not Guilty

Pleas of Not Guilty

If you enter a plea of not guilty, you will be scheduled for a pretrial conference with the City Attorney, and you will be notified by mail of your next court date. Please contact the court at 608-270-4224 in advance of your initial appearance date, as you will not have to attend the initial appearance.

Rescheduling an Initial Appearance

If you cannot attend the court date listed on your citation, you can call the Clerk of Court at 608-270-4224 to arrange a different court date.

Failure to Appear

If you choose not to attend your initial appearance you will receive a “default notice” stating your fine amount and due date. You typically have 30 days to pay your citation. To make payment arrangements contact the court at 608-270-4224