Planning & Zoning

Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

Historic Preservation

The city has five sites on the National Register of Historic Places. The Historic Preservation Ordinance provides a level of protection for these sites, plus other landmarks within Fitchburg boundaries which have been designated as locally significant.

Land Regulation Ordinances

Zoning, land division, and other land regulation ordinances serve to protect the present by ensuring compatible uses and efficient service costs, thus producing a vital and strong community. All the regulations work together to create a city of common interests able to accommodate diverse opportunities.

Comprehensive Plan

Planning looks to the future by providing a solid framework in the Comprehensive Plan. The plan allows the community to grow in an orderly, cost-effective manner. Development trends and theories are examined to determine their viability, and innovative planning approaches are considered if they meet overall community objectives. Maintaining planning guidelines, goals, and commitments are crucial in assuring a sound, vital community into the future.

Department Responsibilities

  • Providing staff assistance to various boards, commissions, and the public for development and preservation
  • Assessing the future consequences of present and future land use patterns
  • Reviewing all development proposals
  • Updating and administering the Comprehensive Plan and associated Neighborhood Plans
  • Administering the zoning, architectural, sign, land division, historic preservation, telecommunications, and extraterritorial ordinances


The Planning and Zoning Department is striving to respect the past, safeguard the present, and assure a vital future. Through the use of innovative land use and planning techniques, the Fitchburg Planning and Zoning Department implements its mission statement.