Home Composting

Composting is a simple process that requires little time or effort on the part of homeowners. In fact, composting yardwaste may take less time than bagging yardwaste for collection.

Contrary to common myths, properly maintained compost bins do not smell bad, but have a pleasant, earthy odor similar to freshly plowed soil.

Most homeowners that compost are able to significantly reduce the amount of waste they set out at the curb. For instance, in a survey of Fitchburg residents who use home compost bins, over 75% of survey respondents composted at least 3/4 of their kitchen wastes.

In a recent study of Fitchburg's waste composition, food waste accounted for nearly 25% of the refuse. If every household composted 75% of their food waste, Fitchburg would be able to reduce the amount of refuse landfilled by over 850,000 pounds per year!

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