Coyotes in Fitchburg

The breeding season for coyotes is late January through early March, during which time they are more active.  This increased activity has led to recent sightings of coyotes within Fitchburg’s city limits.  While some may find this exciting, others may be concerned about the coyotes’ presence.  It is important to remember that, in general, coyotes are more afraid of you than you are of them and that coyote attacks on humans are extremely rare.

Food is a powerful attractant to coyotes.  Coyotes are omnivores and scavengers and have adapted their diets to eat almost anything.  This includes insects, fruit, small birds, rodents, compost and carrion.  To discourage coyotes:

  • Do not store pet food outdoors
  • Keep compost and trash bins secure
  • Do not feed other wild animals
  • Remove habitat for prey species of the coyote (such as rodents) by removing brush and undergrowth from your yard

To keep your pets safe, make sure they are leashed while walking and do not leave pets outside unattended.  Cats, dogs and other pets can be perceived as a threat or a potential food source to the coyote.

If you do see a coyote in your yard or while outside, keep your distance and yell and make loud noises or turn on outdoor lights to scare it away.

For more information visit the Wisconsin DNR Environmental Education for Kids webpage.