Neighborhood Traffic Concerns


The Public Works Department values the information you provide regarding safety of the transportation system through the city. For that reason, a process has been developed to handle the concerns of Fitchburg residents. If you have a complaint concerning traffic safety for vehicles, pedestrians, or bicyclists on your street or other local streets throughout the city, you should follow the City of Fitchburg Neighborhood Traffic Management Process (NTMP) that is described below.


  • Improve neighborhood livability by mitigating the negative impact of vehicular traffic on residential neighborhoods.
  • Promote safe, reasonably convenient, accessible, and pleasant conditions for bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and residents.
  • Encourage citizen involvement in Traffic Management activities.
  • Make efficient use of city resources by prioritizing requests.

Getting Involved in the NTMP

To begin the process a Community Action Request (CAR) Form needs to be completed and submitted to the Public Works Department. For further information about the 9-step process please review the Guidelines for NTMP