Hotel and Marketplace Tax Forms

Quarterly Hotel Tax Form

Annual Room Tax Return

Effective October 1, 2021, as required in 2021 Wisconsin Act 55, marketplace providers must report room tax imposed by a Wisconsin municipality under sec. 66.0615(1m)(a), Wis. Stats., using a uniform form (RT-200) prepared by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Form details

  • Form RT-200 is located at 
  • Marketplace providers must send the form and municipal room tax directly to the municipality on a quarterly basis unless the municipality and marketplace provider agree the form will be filed monthly

Who is a marketplace provider?

  • Includes a person who facilitates the sale of lodging by listing or advertising lodging on behalf of a lodging provider and who processes the payment from the purchaser of lodging
  • Often has an online platform for facilitating sales on behalf of various lodging providers

Note - Hotels, motels, and homeowners selling taxable lodging directly to purchasers, rather than through a marketplace provider, should not use this form. They should continue to report sales and remit room tax directly to the municipality using the method required by the municipality.



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