Sign Regulations

Sign Permit Regulations

The rules and regulations described below are from Chapter 26 of the City of Fitchburg Sign Code. This information is general requirements and there may be additional rules and regulations. Permits are required before placing, erecting, altering, or relocating any sign in the City of Fitchburg, unless the sign is exempt.

Download the sign permit application form.

Sign Information Overview

  • Businesses are allowed up to 150 square feet total of permitted sign area.
  • A flat on-site sign displayed on the face or side of a building shall not exceed 1/10 of the area of the face or side of the building on which it is displayed and such signs do not exceed 150 square feet.
  • Temporary signs may not exceed 16 square feet or 40 square feet if it is a professionally printed banner and cannot be displayed for more than 45 days. The applicant needs to state in writing the 45 day period in which the sign will be displayed.
  • Only one temporary sign is permitted within a calendar year, unless the premises for the temporary sign have a frontage on two streets. In that case, the applicant would be entitled to two such temporary signs provided that each such sign shall face a different street.
  • Signs are not allowed within the street right of way and are subject to the removal by city staff.

For additional information, and to have questions answered regarding a particular sign project, please contact the Planning / Zoning Department at 608-270-4256.