Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

2020-21 HNI Annual Report

City of Fitchburg Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

The City of Fitchburg’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative (HNI) is a 5-year pilot program designed to formulate and implement a strategic, collaborative, and holistic approach to address specific issues in three northern City neighborhoods, in conjunction with community/neighborhood partners and residents. These “Priority Neighborhoods” are identified on the map below:

HNI Neighborhoods

What are Healthy Neighborhoods?

Healthy neighborhoods have the following defining features:

1.    Equity….in access to opportunities.

2.    Diversity….in land uses, housing stock, and people.

3.    Components that are integrated, stable, and sustainable…, employment, housing, recreation, public safety, environment, etc.

What is Fitchburg doing to move Priority Neighborhoods towards Healthy Neighborhoods?

The City has developed a strategic plan to guide HNI implementation. This framework consists of Pillars, Pillar Principles, Indicators, and Action Items. Working in conjunction, these elements provide a foundation for moving Priority Neighborhoods towards Healthy Neighborhoods.

Pillars and Pillar Principles

Pillars serve as HNI “goal categories” and Pillar Principles serve as “goals”, and are as follows:

HNI Pillars

IndicatorsHNI Process Graphic

Evaluation of HNI success and outcomes, and movement towards Healthy Neighborhoods and Pillar Principles, is premised largely on
the concept of Indicators and associated targets. These Indicators
are organized around Pillars and Pillar Principles and identify
desirable and attainable neighborhood characteristics.

Action Items

Action items are specific courses of action to move Priority
Neighborhoods towards Healthy Neighborhoods, Pillar Principles,
and Indicator targets. The HNI has four Action Item categories.
Click on the Action Item categories below to learn more:

           Promotion: Marketing the HNI to stakeholders and identifying sustaining financial resources

           People: Human resources to undertake HNI work

      Places: Physical locations in which to implement HNI work.  

           Programs: HNI activities, programs, and services (including the City of Fitchburg’s HNI Grant Program)


For further information on the HNI, please contact the following:

Wade Thompson
Community Development Planner
Phone: 608.270.4258