Comprehensive Plan Survey

Click here to view the final results of the Comprehensive Plan survey.

Decisions that are being made now by the City of Fitchburg will influence the character of the community for years to come. The City needs your input to help guide these decisions on topics including land use, housing, economic development, recreation, transportation, and natural resources. The City will use your input to help inform the 2020 update to its Comprehensive Plan, the document that will guide decision-making in the City for the next decade.

Let the City know what you think through Polco, an online public surveying tool. To give input, click on the respond button below, go to or download the Polco app for iOS or Android. Polco will ask you to enter your name, zip code, and email address. Even though you enter this information, you will remain anonymous and will not receive any additional email notifications, unless you choose to do so. Additionally, the City will only see aggregate survey results and cannot see individual responses. The City will close the survey on October 25th, 2019.

The City is also hosting a series of public meetings as additional opportunities to provide feedback on the Comprehensive Plan update.