Neighborhood Plans '23-'24

Neighborhood Plans - Ongoing

Starting in 2003 and leading up to a 2009 update to Fitchburg's Comprehensive Plan, the City of Fitchburg went through an intensive planning process where Fitchburg's residents, plan commission, and elected officials determined the future urban development areas (FUDAs) that would accommodate Fitchburg's growth for the next 50 years. South Stoner Prairie and Greenfield were each designated as one of these FUDAs. The City is undergoing a neighborhood planning process to develop a vision and plan for these two neighborhoods in more detail, which will determine which areas are suitable for future development. This planning process will include establishing environmental corridors, allowed land uses, appropriate density and character of development, transportation linkages and nodes, and infrastructure improvements.

Each of the pages linked below will have updates as the planning process continues. This will include meeting schedules, an interactive mapping activity, and opportunities to submit comments.