Greenfield Neighborhood Plan

Current phase: Existing conditions analysis

Greenfield Future Urban Development Area map, 975 acres

Developed during the middle part of the 20th Century, Greenfield is one of the Town of Fitchburg’s first developments and is integral to the fabric of Fitchburg’s identity. Originally a development that nestled a community-based suburban development in the middle of rural Fitchburg, the neighborhood has become on the perimeter of urbanized Fitchburg over the last few decades. And as growth has taken place, the community has both adapted to that change while celebrating its character on the rural fringe, a spirit common to greater Fitchburg and one worth building on.

Starting in 2003 and leading up to a 2009 update to Fitchburg's Comprehensive Plan, the City of Fitchburg went through an intensive planning process where Fitchburg's residents, plan commission, and elected officials determined the Future Urban Development Areas (FUDAs) that would accommodate Fitchburg's growth for the next 50 years. South Stoner Prairie and Greenfield were each designated as one of these FUDAs. The City is undergoing a neighborhood planning process to develop a vision and plan for these two neighborhoods in more detail, which will determine which areas are suitable for future development. This planning process will include establishing a plan for future growth and redevelopment, planning for a transportation system to support the community, identifying areas of conservation for protection, creating spaces for recreation and public benefit, defining and protecting neighborhood character, exploring areas for expansion of urban services and utilities, and more.

With growth comes change, and also opportunity. Development in the area will provide the community with improved resources to help Greenfield thrive, as well as protect the heritage of the community. How would you like to see the Greenfield neighborhood accommodate Fitchburg's future development? We encourage all residents and interested community members to participate in the planning process to prepare for a thriving Greenfield for the benefit of current residents and future residents alike.

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Follow this link to go to a community mapping activity for the Greenfield Neighborhood. This provides an opportunity to submit comments about the neighborhood on an interactive map. Comments about opportunities, areas for improvement, and ideas are encouraged.

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