Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our records department is closed to walk-in service. Records requests for Fitchburg Police Department Records may be made using the online form below.  A message may also be left by calling the records department, (608)270-4343. Please expect a delay in the processing of your records request.

Requests for traffic/accident reports are still handled through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (see below).


The Records Bureau processes and maintains all paperwork and official records for incidents handled by the Fitchburg Police Department.

Traffic Crash/Accident Reports

If you were involved in a reportable traffic crash and a City of Fitchburg Police officer responded to investigate the crash, a State of Wisconsin DT4000 crash/accident form will generally be completed. This form contains insurance and contact information for the involved parties and is typically requested for insurance or legal purposes.

The Fitchburg Police Department no longer provides copies of completed State of Wisconsin DT4000 crash/accident reports. 

All DT4000 reports completed by Fitchburg officers will generally be available 10 days after the incident through the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

In most instances, insurance carriers only require an incident/document number to initiate a claim. You should have been provided with this information from the investigating officer.

Request a Copy a Crash/Accident Report

To request a copy of a DT4000 crash/accident report:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation Crash Reports
Please note reports are not immediately available. Once completed by an officer they are transmitted to the State of Wisconsin. Reports are generally available 10 days after the incident.

In order to request a copy of the report you will need your driver's license number or the document/crash number (provided by the investigating officer).

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Crash Records Unit
P.O. Box 7919
Madison, WI 53707


While the Fitchburg Police Department no longer maintains a database or provides copies of DT4000 forms, other related documents, including supplemental reports, photographs, and citations, are still available for request from the Fitchburg Police Department. Please see the next section on Open Records Requests to request additional documents.

Fitchburg Police Open Records Requests

All requests for copies of police reports are handled by the Records Bureau. Requests are accepted in person, via phone/fax or email.  You may also complete a request for a police report using the below link:

Request a Police Report

The Records Bureau is typically able to complete a records request, dependent upon the scope of the request, within ten business days. Once a request is received and the report is complete, the request must be approved by a supervisor before it is available for pick-up or delivery.

The Records Bureau will contact you once your request has been completed and approved.

If you have questions regarding the status of a request please contact the Records Bureau by phone, (608)270-4343 or via e-mail at 


Information on fingerprinting services offered by the Fitchburg Police Department can be found here.

Service Fees

Types of Services Cost
Accident Report (Non-Reportable) $0.25 each
Bicycle License (Lifetime of Bike) $5.00 per license
Case Report/Duplicating Cost
$0.25 per license
Copy of Dispatch Audio Recording $15.00 per CD
Copy of Photos (From CD) $15.00 per CD
Copy of Photos (From Negative) $10.00 + Developing Cost
Copy of Photos (Printed) $3.00 per page
Copy of VCR Tape/DVD $15.00 per DVD
Fitchburg Records Check $10.00 per name (Resident)
$20.00 per name (Non-Resident)
Landlord Criminal History Checks
$10.00 + Self-addressed stamped envelope per person
Notary Public $0.25
Postage Cost
 Vehicle Storage Fee*
$30 per day

* The vehicle storage fee is effective January 1, 2015. This fee applies to all vehicles held in the Fitchburg Police Department Evidence Facility. Vehicles towed and held by private tow companies are subject to fees set by the individual companies.