Adopt a Hydrant

The winter months bring a special concern to the Fitchburg Fire Department. Drifts created by snow plows can cover fire hydrants making them difficult to find. In the event of a fire, firefighters must locate and shovel out fire hydrants before hooking up to them, wasting precious time. Please don’t let your neighborhood hydrant remain “undercover."

When residents work together to keep the hydrants clear in their neighborhood, everyone's safety is positively impacted.

When clearing hydrants:
  • Please create a 3 foot clearance on all sides
  • Be aware of vehicle traffic - Never turn your back to oncoming traffic
  • Stay out of the street as much as possible
Individuals are encouraged to "adopt" their nearest hydrant. Send us before and after photos of your cleared hydrant and we'll send you a Hydrant Adoption Certificate along with our sincere thanks.

If your nearest hydrant is covered and you're not able to clear it, check with your neighbors to enlist some help. You can alert us to a problem hydrant via email and we'll work with 
Covered Hydrant
Clearing a Hydrant
Cleared Hydrant