Juveniles Setting Fires

Each year in the United States, fires set by children costs hundreds of lives and millions of dollars in property loss. As of March 2006, the United States Fire Administration (USFA) reported children of all ages set over 35,000 fires annually. Approximately 8,000 of those fires are set in homes. When children are at home, they usually play with fire in bedrooms, in closets and under beds. These are "secret" places where there are many items that can catch fire easily.

The program is designed to be three weeks long, but can be extended depending on the individual and the situation.
The program will cover:
  • The background and history of fire setting
  • Personality characteristics, likes, dislikes, and hobbies
  • Responsibility for fire setting
  • Impact on self, family, neighbors and community
  • Fire Safety, science, and Consequences
  • Applying good decision making to life situations
The Juvenile Fire Setters program is offered to those individuals (up to the age of 18) who have been involved in a situation where there was mishandling of fire which could have, or did, cause a fire.

To speak with someone about this program please contact us at 608-270-7070 or email us.