Community Gardens & Orchards

Urban agriculture and community gardening are seeing an increase in popularity. Major American cities offer community gardens as a way to encourage a local food system, build community interaction, green neighborhoods, and bring people together. Community gardening is typically organized by nonprofit organizations or local governments, who may own a piece of land that is divided into plots and gardened by a variety of citizens or groups to grow their own food.
Community Garden

Find a Garden

Currently, the City of Fitchburg does not own or operate community gardens. However, community gardens can be found within or near Fitchburg. Look online to find a garden near you. As of 2020, known community gardens serving Fitchburg residents included the following:
  • All Saints Lutheran Church Gardens (2951 Chapel Valley Rd):  55 plots
  • Drumlin Gardens (2849 Oregon Rd):  30 plots
  • Rimrock Gardens, also known as Green Gardens (300 block of Englehart Drive, west of Artesian Lane)
  • Marlborough Park Gardens (located in the City of Madison just north of Marlborough Park): over 160 plots
  • Leopold Park (located in Madison on the 2900 block of Traceway Drive, to the right of the playground):  44 plots
  • Fitchburg Fields Garden (Lacy Rd and Fahey Glen): 4000 sq.ft.
  • Swan Creek Community Garden (at Swan Creek Park, 5175 E Cheryl Parkway)

City Hall Community Orchard

In May of 2014, a community orchard was planted at the City Hall campus with the help of the local 4-H Firefly's and Senior Center volunteers.  The orchard consists of 12 apple and pear trees that will be cared for by Senior volunteers that have undergone in-house training for fruit tree maintenance.  Fruit will be harvested and distributed by the Seniors as well.