Annual Street Resurfacing

Latest update: 

1/29/24 - List of streets has been updated, please see correct list in Project Documents

1/26/24 - Public Involvement Meeting will be held on 2/26/24 at 5:30pm at City Hall. See PIM 1 Letter in Project Documents

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The street resurfacing program replaces the pavement on your street to delay the need for complete reconstruction, which involves extensive excavation. The Fitchburg Engineering department rates streets on a scale of 1-10 every two years. Streets with a rating of 3-5 are good candidates for resurfacing. The City also inspects curb & gutter and sidewalk to replace damaged concrete at the same time as resurfacing.

Curb & Gutter

Curb & gutter is replaced if it is cracked and has vertical or horizontal offsets, standing water, broken curb head, backpitch, or extensive pitting. Curb & gutter sections being replaced will be marked with pink or white paint. Fitchburg does not assess residents for curb & gutter.

Sidewalk is replaced if it is cracked and has vertical or horizonal offsets of more than 2", standing water, or extensive pitting. Sidewalk with a vertical offset of between 1/2" to 2" may be shaved to remove the vertical offset. Sidewalk sections being replaced or shaved will be marked with pink or white paint. Trees that damage the sidewalk will have their roots cut prior to sidewalk replacement. Fitchburg assesses property owners for part of the cost of replacing the sidewalk. More information can be found on our Annual Sidewalk Replacement page.


The City selects a contractor to perform the work. The contractor will begin with concrete work, removing and replacing defective curb & gutter and sidewalk. Then the asphalt will be milled or pulverized, which grinds up the existing asphalt to either be hauled away or reused, depending on the street. Then defective aggregate base material is removed and replaced. Once the base material is graded, the new asphalt is placed in two layers, binder and surface. The contractor's work hours are from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and some Saturdays.


Residents will have access to their driveways throughout the project, except for the time it takes new curb & gutter or sidewalk in their driveway to cure, which takes 5-7 days. After the asphalt is paved and the rollers are finished, the new asphalt can be driven on in 3-4 hours. No Parking signs may be placed at different times throughout the project 48 hours in advance of enforcement. Please comply with these signs or you may be ticketed or towed. If you need constant access for medical or other reasons, contact us to discuss accommodations.

Objects in Right of Way

If you have objects like invisible fence, sprinklers, or fences in the right of way, they may be removed. Repair or replacement is at the property owner's expense. Marking these objects may reduce the risk of damage.


Restoration begins as soon as possible after new curb and gutter, driveway apron and sidewalk have been poured. Contractors are required to use high quality topsoil and seed. After the contractor places the seed, please water the seed lightly every day until grass has been mowed once or twice. Then water more heavily and less frequently.

Project Documents