Can I Have Music In My Room?
Small radios are allowed in the meeting rooms and conference rooms. DJs, bands, or any amplification system are allowed, but require a sound permit and a $50 sound permit fee. The volume must be kept at a reasonable level and must not become an annoyance to other groups or building patrons. The supervising staff will have discretion on the volume level.

Obviously we cannot cover every question or circumstance that may arise during your particular event. Therefore, we reserve the right to amend, change, add or delete any or all rules listed in, or implied in the above information or in any information printed or communicated verbally in regards to the Fitchburg Community Center. During your event, the supervisory staff on site will have the final judgment in the enforcement of any and all policies and procedures, and will provide recommendations to the building administrator, for the dispensation of your damage deposit.

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