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1. What can I do about barking dogs?
2. What can I do about animals running loose in my neighborhood?
3. What do I do if my pet bites someone?
4. How do I get a dog or cat license?
5. How do I get a live trap?
6. How do I report a crime?
7. Can I make an anonymous complaint?
8. Where is the police department located?
9. How do I pay a citation?
10. How do I contact an officer?
11. Where is the municipal court located?
12. What can I do about my noisy neighbors?
13. What can I do about annoying or harassing phone calls?
14. How can I compliment an officer or other department member?
15. How can I make a complaint about the department or member?
16. How can I make a suggestion or comment about the department?
17. Does the Fitchburg Police Department offer a Ride-Along program?
18. Can an officer come and speak or give a presentation to my group?
19. Do you offer tours of the Fitchburg Police Department?
20. How long does my child need to be missing before I can make a report? How do I report my son/daughter missing?
21. What are Fitchburg's alternate side parking restrictions?
22. How do I report a parking problem?
23. How long can a vehicle be left on the street?