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The Fitchburg Police Department has an authorized staff of 50 sworn officers and 12 civilian employees, providing 24-hour police protection and services to the City of Fitchburg.

The members of our department are dedicated to maintaining an active community partnership with those we serve to help make the Fitchburg community the best it can be.

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Fitchburg Police Department. We seek out the most qualified men and women to serve with our department, and we offer competitive pay and benefits to those individuals who successfully complete the hiring process. 

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Police Officer Salary

Starting $55,541.90 $56,672.74 $57,785.79
After 1 Year $64,338.05 $65,624.81 $66,937.31
After 2 Years $67,320.89 $68,667.31 $70,040.65
After 3 Years $67,876.12 $69,233.64 $70,618.32
After 4 Years $68,497.50 $69,867.45 $71,264.80

Working in Fitchburg

Fitchburg Police officers work in perhaps one of the most geographically and demographically diverse areas of Wisconsin. Spanning nearly 35 square miles, the city encompasses both rural farmland and dense urban residential areas. The types of calls handled by the Fitchburg Police Department reflect this diversity which means officers gain a great deal of experience handling all types of investigations. 

Although Fitchburg officers may handle calls normally associated with those of a large jurisdiction, they are still able to benefit from face-to-face relationships both within the department and the community. A strong community-policing based focus drives the Department, as all officers serve as community policing officers. Officers work with partners in the community such as business owners and apartment managers to identify and solve problems. 

Current Hiring Process

The City of Fitchburg closed the most recent hiring process on  March 4, 2018. For questions regarding the status of this process, please contact the Human Resources Department.


The City of Fitchburg Human Resources Department coordinates the hiring process.  Questions regarding the process can be directed to the Human Resources Department. 

Potential applicants can complete a job interest card online to be notified when a new police officer hiring process opens.

Job Interest Card

Ride-Along Program

The Fitchburg Police Department encourages anyone interested in working for our department to participate in our “Ride-Along Program”. By participating in this program, you will receive a better understanding and knowledge of what it would be like to work for our department. Ride-Along Forms are available online, or you can contact us at (608) 270-4300.

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