Street and Park Improvements

Street Resurfacing

This work will generally consist of improving storm sewer infrastructure, replacing defective curb and gutter, adjusting utility manholes/water valves, asphalt paving, and miscellaneous concrete work.  No Parking signs will be posted in advance of City construction commencing. Parking restrictions are generally only enforced during working hours 7am-7pm M-F with occasional work on Saturday.

1. The existing storm sewer system is improved, if needed to properly drain storm water.

2. Defective concrete curb and gutter will be replaced for drainage and safety purposes.  

Curb & Gutter Preliminary Assessment Report will be posted at a later date.
 Policies and Procedures for Special Assessments

3. Next, the existing pavement is pulverized followed by the grading and compaction of pulverized material.

4. Finally, placement of a new asphalt surface occurs within 10 days of the asphalt pulverizing. 
 We ask that you minimize your travel while the crews are placing and curing the hot asphalt (travel can usually be accommodated within 15-30 minutes, and crews communicate with residents beforehand).

Park System Improvements

This typically includes the resurfacing of existing park paths, basketball courts and tennis courts.

Schedule & Plans

The 2022 and 2023 Street and Path Improvements project will be completed in 2023.
 Any questions or concerns regarding this project, contact Project Engineer, Ross Kahler,, 608-270-4266.